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Russian Open Rogaining Championship 2007
Saint-Petersbourg Open Rogaining Cup 2007
24-26 August 2007

1.General provisions.

Competition classes:
  • Russian Championship - 24-hour event, IRF sanctioned.
  • Saint-Petersbourg Open Cup - 3, 8, 24-hour events on foot and 8-hour mountain bike (MTB).
    Competition participants:
  • Russian Championship and Saint-Petersbourg Cup in 24-hour class - teams only, number of team members from 2 to 5.(M - men, W - women, X - mixed).
  • Saint-Petersbourg Open Cup (classes 3, 8 and 8 MTB) - teams from 2 to 5 members and single participants.
  • Papticipants carry responsibility for themselves. Coaches and team representatives carry responsibility for children's lives and safety.
  • In 8 and 24-hour classes, when at least one of team members is under 14 years of age, there must be at least one team member over 18 years.
  • Children under 14 are admitted for participation in teams only.

    2.Event organizers.

  • Event Director: Aleksei Ozerov
  • Chief Secretary: Maxim Antipov
  • Course designer: Igor Komin

  • Event website http://www.rogaine-spb.narod.ru/eng
  • Phone: +7-812-966-94-37
  • E-mail: alexei@o-time.ru (subject: RRC 2007)

    3.Event date and location.

    Competition will take place on August 24-26 2007 near Losevo, Leningradskaya region.
    Full information about event centre and accomodation will be published on event website before July 31.
  • By air (Pulkovo-1 or Pulkovo-2 airports) or by train to Saint-Petersbourg. From airports by taxi or bus, from railway stations by metro (underground) to "Ploshad Lenina" metro station (Finlandsky railway station). From Finlandsky railway station by commuter train to Losevo station (Priozersk destination) or Sosnovo station.
  • From Losevo station - marked route to event centre, from Sosnovo - by taxi to Losevo.
  • By car: take Priozerskoe shosse (motorway) (¿129) to Losevo.
  • Transfer from airport or railway station can be arranged upon request if order placed two weeks before event at latest.
    Commuter trains and buses timetables, bus numbers and transportation scheme will be published on the event website.

    4. Terrain and map.

    Map developed in spring-summer 2007 using orienteering map conventions (ISOM2000) on the basis of standard topographic map of 1:50000 scale and satellite photographs.
    Mapping: M.Antipov, A.Ozerov, I.Komin.
    Computer graphics: A.Ozerov, S.Ozerov, M.Antipov.
    Scale 1:50000, contour interval 10 meters, sheet size - A3+.

    5. Climate.

    Most probable weather: cloudy, with possible showers. Day temperature can vary from 7-9 to 18-19 in the daytime and from 5-8 to 14-15 at night.

    6. Event timetable:

    August 24 (Friday)

  • 15-00 event centre opens.
  • From 19-00 to 23-00 registration.
  • From 15.00 to 24.00 training.

    August 25 (Saturday)

  • From 08-00 to 09-30 registration.
  • 10-00 24-hour maps handout.
  • 11-00 8-hour foot and MTB maps handout.
  • 11-30 3-hour maps handout.
  • 12-00 Start.
  • 15-00 3-hour class finish.
  • 15-30 3-hour class finish closing.
  • From 15-30 to 16-00 protests.
  • 16-00 Prize-giving ceremony for 3-hour event.
  • 20-00 8-hour class finish.
  • 20-30 8-hour class finish closing.
  • From 20-30 to 21-00 protests.
  • 21-00 Prize-giving ceremony for 3-hour event.
  • 21-20 Moonrise.
  • 21-34 Sunset.

    August 26 (Sunday)

  • 00-39 Moonset.
  • 6-32 Sunrise.
  • 12-00 24-hour class finish.
  • 12-30 24-hour class finish closing.
  • From 12-30 to 13-00 protests.
  • 13-00 Prize-giving ceremony for 24-hour event closing.

    7. Course, checkpoints, punching system.

    Event area is about 300 sq.km.
    There will be placed 60 checkpoints.
    More information will be published later on the event website.

    The SPORTIdent punching system will be used.
    In 24-hour class each team member will have SI-card fastened on a wrist by sealed lace. Allowed time interval between punching by team members is 2 minutes.
    Each checkpoint equipped by marker and electronic punching station with checkpoint number.
    Competitors of all classes will be given maps with all checkpoints printed.

    8. Obligatory equipment

  • All classes: compass, clothes, suitable for current weather.
  • 8 and 24-hour classes: torch, knife, matches, first aid kit, mobile phone with charged battery.
    Obligatory equipment can be checked by organizers before start.

    9. Entries, entry fees.

    Entries from May 10 to August 22 inclusive.
  • To entry the competition you just need to send an e-mail to organizers.
  • E-mail entry is possible only for participants from other cities and countries. Entry fee in this case to be paid at the event centre during registration. E-mail: info@o-time.ru alexei@o-time.ru, rogaine-spb@yandex.ru.
  • Citizens of foreign countries who need invitations to get Russian visas, need to contact organizers by following e-mail: alexei@o-time.ru, rogaine-spb@yandex.ru.

    Your entry information should include:

  • Rogaine class (24, 8, 3 or 8 MTB).
  • Team name (except individuals in 8, 3 and 8 MTB classes).
  • City, country, club.
  • Names, surnames and dates of birth of all team members and individuals.
  • Mobile phone number, which is included in the list of obligatory equipment.
  • SI-card number or intention to hire it (in 24-hour class - SI-card numbers for all team members).
    Only SI-card version 6 can be used for 24-hour class.
    Any SI-card versions except p-Card can be used for 8 and 3-hour classes.

    Entry fee before July 31 inclusive:
    Class 3-hour 8-hour24-hour
    Entry fee per each team member 200 rbl. 300 rbl. 400 rbl.

    Entry fee from August 1 to 15:
    Class 3-hour 8-hour24-hour
    Entry fee per each team member 250 rbl. 350 rbl. 450 rbl.

    Entry fee from August 16 to 22:
    Class 3-hour 8-hour24-hour
    Entry fee per each team member 300 rbl. 400 rbl. 500 rbl.

    SI-card rent - 50 roubles per card.

    Children under 14 years of age (1993 year of birth and younger) and pensioners (men - born 1947 or earlier, women - born 1952 or earlier) - entry fee and SI-card rent discount 50% .

    Late entries (after August 22) are allowed only by special admission by organizers at increased entry fee - 700 roubles not subject to any discounts; 50 roubles SI-card rent.

    Entry fee for each participant covers map with checkpoints and checkpoints description printed and meal in a hash-house during and one hour after competition.
    Penalty for lost SI-card (deposit): 350 - 1200 rbl. (depends on version).
    Organizers assume the right to ask for deposit for SI-card.

    10. Awards.

    Open Russian Championship and Saint-Petersbourg Open Cup in 24-hour class:
  • MO - Men open.
  • WO - Women open.
  • XO - Mixed open.

    and age classes:
  • MJ, WJ, XJ - all team members less than 20 years of age.
  • MV, WV, XV - all team members more than 40 years of age.
  • MSV, WSV, XSV - all team members more than 55 years of age.

    Saint-Petersbourg Open Cup in 8, 3 and 8 MTB classes:
  • M - Men - teams and individuals.
  • W - Women - teams and individuals.
  • X - Mixed teams.

    Teams and individuals, who win 1-3 places in each class will be awarded with medals, diplomas and prizes. If there are 4 or less participants in any class (teams or individuals), only the class winner will be awarded.