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European Rogaining Championships
11-13 July 2008

1.General provisions.

  • European Rogaining Championships - 24-hour event, IRF sanctioned.
  • Competition participants: teams only, number of team members from 2 to 5 (M - men, W - women, X - mixed).
    Competition classes:
  • MO - Men open.
  • WO - Women open.
  • XO - Mixed open.

    and age classes:
  • MJ, WJ, XJ - all team members must be under 20 years of age on the first day of competition.
  • MV, WV, XV - all team members must be 40 years of age or over on the first day of competition.
  • MSV, WSV, XSV - all team members must be 55 years of age or over on the first day of competition.
  • Papticipants carry responsibility for themselves. Coaches and team representatives carry responsibility for children's lives and safety.
  • If at least one of team members is under 14 years of age there must be at least one team member 18 years of age or over.
    Rules: The European Rogaining Championships will be held in accordance with the International Rules of Rogaining published at the IRF web site: http://www.rogaining.com
    All rules exeptions referring to use of electronic punching system will be at the information desk in the event centre.

    2.Event organizers.

  • Event Director: Aleksey Ozerov
  • Chief Secretary: Maxim Antipov
  • Course designer: Igor Komin

  • Event website http://www.rogaine-spb.narod.ru/eng
  • Phone: +7-812-966-94-37
  • E-mail: alexei@o-time.ru

    3.Event date and location.

    Competition will take place on July 12-13 2008, Michurinskoye, Priozersky region, Leningradskaya oblast.
    Event centre is the Agricultural liceum.

    Public transport: by commuter train from Finlandsky railway station to Sosnovo, then by bus or taxi to Michurinskoye. Buses timetable will be published on the event website. Also will be special bus from Sosnovo station to the event centre and back, provided by organizers. Possible to order a bus from Saint-Petersbourg to the event centre and back. Depart from "Ozerki" metro station, costs 5000 roubles one way per bus. All orders must be sent to: tanalag@mail.ru
    Road map will be published on the event website.

  • Camping in the event centre (free of charge).
  • Floor accomodation in a lyceum's gym hall (free of charge).
  • Luceum's hostel (400 roubles per person per night).
  • Hotel (booking: +7-812-972-09-09, +7-812-372-09-09) and cottages in Micurinskoye (full information you can get through travel agencies).

    Meal at the hash house will be provided from 15.00 12.07.08 to 14.00 13.07.08. Also will be several water drops, shown on the map. Before and after event can be ordered meal at the liceum's canteen. Costs 180 roubles per person per day.

    All the orders must be sent by e-mail to Alexey Ozerov: alexei@o-time.ru.

    4. Terrain and map.

  • Terrain: Moderately hilly terrain of glacial origin, maximum difference in elevation is about 120 m. Numerous water objects: rivers, streams, lakes and swamps. Numerous forest tracks, paths and trails.
  • Vegetation is mostly conifers - spruce, pine and juniper. Hardwoods mostly birch and aspen. Around the fields, on the river's and lake's banks, old clearings and depressions difficult to traverse bushes are possible.
  • Animals probable to encounter - elk, wild boar, fox, hare.
  • The only poisonous snake is a viper. Its bite is not fatal but needs immediate treatment.
  • Also need to remember about bloodsucking insects (mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, ticks).
  • Map: map developed in spring-summer 2008 using orienteering map conventions (ISOM2000) on the basis of standard topographic map and satellite photographs. Map scale 1:25000, contour interval 5 meters.
    Mapping:A.Ozerov, I.Komin., J.Babanina, A.Fershalov, A.Shirinyan.
    Inspector: A.Kopelevich.
    Computer graphics: A.Ozerov, S.Ozerov.

    5. Climate.

    Warm sunny weather is most likely, with possible showers; daytime temperatures 20...25 degrees, nighttime temperatures 18-20°. Highest daytime temperature may rise to 30...35°. Cool weather with rains is less probable.

    6. Event timetable:

    July 11 (Friday)

  • 15-00 event centre opens.
  • From 19-00 to 23-00 registration.
  • From 15.00 to 24.00 training.

    July 12 (Saturday)

  • From 08-00 to 09-30 registration.
  • 10-00 Maps handout.
  • 12-00 Start.
  • 18-35 Moonrise.
  • 23-21 Sunset.

    July 13 (Sunday)

  • 00-24 Moonset.
  • 4-51 Sunrise.
  • 12-00 Finish.
  • 12-30 Finish closing.
  • From 12-30 to 13-00 protests.
  • 13-00 Prize-giving ceremony.

    7. Course, checkpoints, punching system.

  • Each checkpoint equipped with marker and electronic punching station with checkpoint number.
  • The SPORTIdent punching system will be used.
    SI-card will be fastened on a wrist of each team member by sealed lace. Allowed time interval between punching by team members is 2 minutes.
  • Additional information about the course will be published later on the event website.

    8. Obligatory equipment

  • Compass, clothes, suitable for current weather, torch, first aid kit, mobile phone with charged battery.
    Obligatory equipment can be checked by organizers before start.

    9. Visa and tourist information.

  • For invitations to get Russian visas, hotel reservations, transfer from Saint-Petersburg to the event centre and back, additional tourist service (Saint-Petersbourg sight-seeng tours, museums etc.) contact Viktor Rylov:
    Phone/fax: +7-812-719-63-85
    Mobile phone: +7-911-212-15-43
    E-mail: sport@aerotravel.ru.
    Invitation costs 25 Euro per person.

    10. Entries, entry fees.

    Entries from April 01 to June 30 inclusive.
  • To entry the competition you need to fill in an entry-form.
    After submitting the entry-form you will receive an e-mail with registration number (not a team number) which should be provided when register in the event centre and also in a bank transfer.

    Entry information should include:

  • Team name.
  • City, country, club.
  • Names, surnames and dates of birth of all team members.
  • Mobile phone number, which is included in the list of obligatory equipment.
  • SI-card number for each team member or intention to hire it

    Only SI-card version 6 can be used.

    Entry fee before June 15 inclusive: 25 Euro per person. Fee must be paid until June 16.

    Entry fee from June 16 to June 30 inclusive: 30 Euro per person. Fee must be paid until July 1.

    SI-card rent - 2 Euro per one card.

    Children under 14 years of age (1994 year of birth and younger) and pensioners (men - born 1948 or earlier, women - born 1953 or earlier) - entry fee and SI-card rent discount 50% .

    Late entries (after June 30) are allowed only by special admission of organizers at increased entry fee - 50 Euro per person not subject to any discounts; 2 Euro per one SI-card rent.

    Entry fee can be paid:

  • By bank transfer:

  • Participation in European Rogaining Championships
    Team registration number (received after on-line registration by e-mail)
    Beneficiary bank:
    Elizabeties Str.23, Riga, LV-1010
    Level 5, 369 Queen Street Auckland
    New Zealand
    Account number:

    Penalty for lost SI-card (deposit): 40 Euro.
    Organizers assume the right to ask for deposit for SI-card.

    11. Awards.

    Teams who win 1-3 places in each class will be awarded with medals, diplomas and prizes.

    12. All the information in Bulletin # 3 replacing the information, given in Bulletin # 2.